Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home At Last

Sorry we haven't posted in so long.  Lately we have been trying to get into as normal of a routine as we can.  Lexe has been enjoying her time at home.  She has kept busy by building a bookcase, eating home cooked meals, going on bike rides, and going to the movies.  If anyone is looking for a good movie to go see, we highly recommend Pitch Perfect.  Lexe's energy levels continue to build but she still has days where she is fatigued.  Hopefully these days will lessen with time.  Her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are starting to return.  Our lives are starting to feel normal again.  Over the last few weeks Lexe has had the opportunity to watch several of her Utah Avalanche teammates plays college soccer games.  She is anxious to get out onto the pitch herself.

On Monday her blood was drawn and we found out her platelets were high enough to get her central line out!  She will be getting it out on Tuesday the 13th (what a great number).  We are very excited because this means she will be able to start training again.  Unfortunately her ANC was only 500 which means she will still need to be cautious around people.  This coming Monday Lexe will start working part-time for the family company.  Time to earn some money!  Lexe will start training with a dear family friend Mark Aberton, she will also take the field with some younger Utah Avalanche age groups to get her playing legs back.

This past Wednesday, Lexe got to meet her lifetime hero, Steve Nash, thanks to Jeremiah Jensen of KSL Sports.  The Jazz organization was kind enough to provide us with tickets to the Jazz versus Lakers game this week.  The Jazz public relations people made arrangements with the Lakers for a private meeting with Steve Nash at the conclusion of the game. During the game we discovered the man sitting next to us, Jeff Hennessy, wears two orange ribbons in his shoelaces, one for Lexe, and one for his wife Carla who also has AML.  The Hennessy family is aware of Lexe's fight through her blog and Carla has been involved in a fierce fight with AML.  What a coincidence that our families were seated next to each other.    After the conclusion of the game Lexe was able to go down to the Laker locker room and talk to Steve.   He was very classy and Lexe really enjoyed her time with him. 

Lexe and her hero Steve Nash

This December at the Festival of Trees, our friends, Jenn Heslop and Jackie Jones, have spearheaded a tree for Lexe. The theme of the tree is soccer and they have put in lots of time to make it look awesome. We appreciate all the hard work of everyone who has helped or donated funds to make it possible. Be sure to attend this event as all proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. The festival dates are November 28 - December 1 at the South Town Expo Center.

Thank you for all you kindness, love, and support. We couldn't have done this without all of you. 

 Forever Love, 
    Selman Family