Thursday, September 13, 2012

Over the past few days Lexe has been fever free.  The powerful combination of antibiotics she is receiving are working.  Her latest blood cultures have shown no bacteria growth.  Lexe has felt very sick over the last couple of days most likely the result of her current drugs.  Her stomach is taking a real pounding and she is constantly nauseated.  She has forgotten what it feels like to feel "good".   Lexe has told us that her current medications make her feel worse than being on chemo.  Unfortunately she will need to continue taking these antibiotics for several more days.  The latest lab results show that Lexe still does not have any immunities.  Its hard to say when Lexe's immunity system will rebound but it could be a week or more.  This zero immunity period is frightening.

Despite the way she feels, Lexe is a real joy to be around.  She is focusing on the future and is anxious to restart her life.  Lexe is the most positive person we know.  The finishing line is in sight!!

The following link is a story about Lexe told through the eyes of one of her Utah Avalanche teammates who is currently playing soccer at the University of Southern Utah:


  1. Keep moving forward Lexe. You and my wife inspire me and others.

  2. Keep it up Lexe ! You're an incredible inspiration to us all and so many around you ! Kick it Lexe ! ! ! ! Your future is full of greatness ! ! ! ! Love and Prayers, THe Murphys

  3. Lexe, I watched your U of A team play my Cal Bears today and heard your story in the stands. I played soccer at Cal from 1996-2000 and even though the Bears and Wildcats are competitors on the field, we are united off of the field. I don't know you but I feel compelled to tell you to fight on, know that you have a world of soccer players on YOUR team. I'm praying for your recovery and return to the field. I want to watch you play next time the Bears take on the a wildcats. stay Strong!

    1. Jill we are grateful for your kind words of support towards our daughter Lexe.

  4. miracles never cease mate. Caity finally got to go home after 5 rough months, and is from the looks of it, cancer free! keep the faith, and before you know it, this will all appear as just a memory, and lexi will be kicking goals for her college team! we truly wish you all the best! andy