Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lexe remains in the hospital.  Today marks the 28th day of her round four stay.  She still has no immunities.  Todays lab results showed, again, an Absolute Neutrophil Count of 0.  Lexe is resting comfortably and has been able to stay infection free.  She continues to receive units of both packed red blood cells and platelets.  This will continue until her bone marrow "wakes up" and her body starts to produce blood cells on its own.  Its hard to say how long it will take Lexe to start producing cells but we have been told that recovery from round four is usually the longest.  Most patient need at least 40 days.  We sure hope that Lexe is able to beat that number.  Our entire family, and especially Lexe, is ready for a permanent reprieve from the hospital.  Until then we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Lexe will remain infection free.

Yesterday Lexe's University of Arizona soccer team had a hugh win over nationally ranked Cal Bears. It was fun to track the game.  The game was televised on Pac-12 TV and the following link contains a small segment explaining to the televised audience why Arizona's warm ups all are #13:

Arizona honors teammate with Leukemia

Once Lexe starts to show positive cell activity we will let everyone know.


  1. Lexe,
    We are still praying for you . We hope it will not be to much longer for you to return home.
    Love, Marilyn

  2. Ditto " to Marilyn's comment above from The Murphy's ! ! ! Ranae and I stopped by Alta and watched their game with Montgomery on Friday. It's awesome to see the large banner on the wall for you and all the girls uniforms with their orange "Lexe" patch on therir sleeve. Kick it Lexe ! ! ! ! You are an incredible inspiration to all ! ! ! ! Love, The Murphys

  3. Lexe,

    I was watching the BYU soccer game last night and hear and saw Michelle Murphy play and starting thinking of you girls as 8th and 9th graders in my Science Class at Indian Hills. Talking about it with a coworker today at school about it she told me about you. I was shocked, I had no idea and started searching for information and found this blog. All I can say is you're a fighter, you always have been. You fought through my class and the horrible science fair project I made you do. My family and I will be praying for you as well.

    Mr. Scott

  4. Lexe, I met your parents tonight at the UVU soccer game, you sound like such an awesome girl!! I am so happy to hear your chemo treatments are over and I was sad to hear you were too sick to make it to the game. I was looking forward to having a bald buddy :) I hope that you start feeling better soon and that the test results on the 10th come back with good news! Good luck to you in your journey, I hope to see you on the Arizona soccer team next year.

    Kalina Clegg
    Former UVU athlete