Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It has been awhile since our last post, sorry.  Many people have asked for an update so here we go:  Lexe concluded her fourth and final round of chemo 12 days ago and rang the completion bell!  Her physicians made the decision to send Lexe home with 0 immunities.  She has now been home for 12 days and we have all enjoyed our time at home together as a family.  Lexe's immunities have been slow to recover.  She is having her levels checked twice per week and as of yesterday her ANC is only at 200, which is not yet a safe level.  Lexe was scheduled for her final bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap on Wednesday the 10th.  However, due to Lexe's lack of adequate immunities, the scheduled procedures have been postponed one week. These two test are going to determine whether on not Lexe is leukemia free. We are all anxious to have the tests done and the final results in our hands.

Lexe has spent her time at home eating, sleeping, organizing her room and doing some light hiking.  She has been infection free and her energy levels have been pretty good.  Some days are better than others but overall she is doing great.  Lexe has reconnected with many of her friends and is excited to have the final tests conducted and her central line removed.  Once the line is removed, which will happen about one week after all test results come back "clean",  Lexe plans on starting her journey back to soccer.   Lexe's body has taken a hit and she is going to face a mountain of work.

Once we have the final test results, we will let everyone know the results.  We are all very confident that Lexe has beaten leukemia.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, well wishes and concern.


  1. Wow! Fantastic news for Lexe that she is out of the hospitol. I am a stranger from Seattle rooting for you Lexe + mom + dad + sibling/s. Sounds like you still have a week or two of anxious waiting and I will send my prayers to you all. So happy you are on the road to recovery.

  2. I'm a stranger friend, too. I've been praying for Lexe since the beginning. Thanks for the update. Praying for healing and peace for Lexe. What a strong, courageous girl!

  3. awesome mate, and may everything come back as it should, free and clear. Caity has been home for 3 weeks, and is doing well, other than taking caspo for possible fungal infection. Bone marrow aspirate done last thursday came back negative, so it looks as tho she is free and clear also. Good luck to Lexi and all of you. may the last 6 months just be a bad memory! andy and caity!

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