Sunday, June 24, 2012

It has been awhile since our last post.  Lexe has concluded round 2 of chemo and is now in count recovery mode.  Lexe's ANC count is 0, meaning no immunities,  and she is reliant on blood and platelet transfusions.  Things are going good, no fevers or other illnesses just a waiting game.  Its hard to say how long it will take Lexe's body to start producing cells but hopefully she can come home in about 2 weeks time.

 A group of soccer players and coaches from the Netherlands, who were in Utah running soccer camps, heard of Lexe's story watched her goal on youtube and requested a visit with Lexe.  The visit was arranged by one of our neighbors.  They are a great group of folks.  Lexe was given some cool gifts from the Netherlands.

Lexe's new Dutch friends
Lexe's U of A coach, Lisa Oyen, shared with us a link to a short article on Lexe in Wildcat Wednesday,  a University of Arizona Athletic Department publication.  Scroll down once you open the link and the article is called "Courage Personified".  Again the school continues to stand strong behind Lexe.  Go Cats!

Last Monday Lexe was visited by a special friend, Taleah Stevenson.  Taleah is 3 years old and a fellow leukemia patient and is doing great!  Laurie's good friend, Trisha Orr is Taleah's grandmother.  The fight against cancer bonds together people of all ages and sizes.

Lexe and Taleah
Jeremiah Jensen texted us yesterday to tell us that KSL will be airing a segment on Lexe during next weekends Sportsbeat Sunday program.  Jeremiah spent several hours in our home and is a great guy.  We are interested to see how the segment rolls out.

We are all doing great.  In a few weeks time we can officially declare this experience 1/2 over.  Lexe remains upbeat and happy.  Despite some hard days, we all feel blessed that Lexe is so strong, both physically and mentally.


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  2. Italy up by 2 at the half of the last semi-final! This makes my Italian family very happy, as you can imagine. What makes me happy is to know you're near half-time, and still way ahead. Go ANC, GO! Blessings and best wishes - Bro. J

  3. hope you guys get better... Especially Lexe....