Saturday, June 9, 2012

Round two of chemo is officially underway.  Lexe was admitted to the hospital on Friday morning and the day began with a spinal tap and chemo in the spinal column followed by the start of chemo in the evening.  The next round will be much like the first round, ten days of chemo every morning and evening.  Lexe will be in the hospital again for approximately one month.  

Lexe is currently not feeling well she is already running a fever.  Darn!!

It was wonderful having Lexe at home, we felt normal for a couple of weeks.  The highlight was her graduation.  Lexe was able to attend her graduation and even walked to get her diploma.  She was seated away from the graduating students and was one of the first names read.  Lexe walked and we went straight home.  Not ideal, but she made it!!

being received by school administration


Diploma in hand, we headed for the exit

Lexe Selman, class of 2012
The goal Lexe scored during her Utah Avalanche Tournament last Saturday, the game she was not supposed to be in, is receiving a lot of media attention.  We were happy that someone captured the goal on film but we did not expect to receive this much attention from it.  Lexe's goal, and story, was the lead off story on Fox13 several nights ago.  Rick Aaron came to our house and interviewed Lexe and several Avalanche teammates along with her Coach Jo Barney.  We felt that Rick did a great job with the story and we were happy that he focused significant attention on cancer awareness and AML.

This same story with be played again Sunday night at 10:05 PM on Fox 13 Sports Page.

KSL Sports Beat will be featuring Lexe and her fight with cancer towards the end of June.  Jeremiah Jensen spent a couple of hours at our home last week interviewing Lexe and our family for the story.  Jeremiah promised us that he would devote a substantial amount of time to cancer awareness and leukemia.

Thank you to all those who been so very kind to our family.


  1. Prayers and thoughts are with you are you begin your second round. It was so good to see you in Park City, and I'm glad you were able to get home for your birthday and graduation.

    You are so strong and your attitude is so positive. Keep both your strength and positive attitude high during this next round.

    -- Karen Chin

  2. Lexe
    You don’t me but I heard your story and had to write. I am a 42 mother of 2 and was diagnosed with AML on December 17, 2010. Like you, I am sure it turned your world upside down. I went through my first chemo, radiation in Jan-Mar 2011. Then my first bone marrow transplant in April 2011 and went into remission. Things were looking well and I was happy. Dec. 2011 I had a relapse and just completed my second “mini-transplant” on the 21st with my new donor. I am doing much better and my numbers are coming up. I am feeling great and staying positive. If you ever want to talk about some of the things that are going to happen or advice on how to make the long hospital better please call me. I am wishing you a quick and fast recovery.
    Carla 801-560-8735

  3. Congratulations Lexi on your graduation! What a pretty girl you are! I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration to all! I look down at my "Lexe Kicks Leukemia!" band and think of you! You and your family are in our prayers. XO

    Alison (Swan) Jensen

  4. You are an inspiration to many, including my father. He was diagnosed with AML in November of 2011 and he passed away earlier today at Huntsman Cancer Institute. I think he discovered your song earlier last week and emailed it to my whole family and then he emailed the goal that you scored. Sitting in the hospital yesterday he was struggling with just about everything, but he still insisted on finding the song on youtube and playing it three or four times for my family, doctors and nurses. Thank you for giving him hope during his final days. My dad fought a great battle and he never gave up, even in the bitter end. He will always be an inspiration to me and every other person that is diagnosed with AML.
    Kyle Fulkerson

    P.S I am a huge soccer fan and wish you luck on your dreams and goals, on and off the field.

  5. I just saw this! So great!! I bawled my eyes out. I'm glad I have my own office at work.

    That goal was in between first and second chemos. I've been there. Pretty impressive. Wow, what a great feeling that must have been.