Sunday, June 3, 2012

The last several days have been great!  Lexe has continued to enjoy her time at home.  Last Friday, Lexe had her bone marrow aspirate and we expect to get the lab results back Monday or Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed.

This past weekend Lexe's Utah Avalanche club team played two games in Park City against a team from Colorado.  Lexe's physician gave her permission to warm up with her team.  Well as it turned out, Lexe's coach decided at the last minute to let Lexe start the game and take the opening kick.  She was supposed to kick the ball out of play and then leave the field.  But once the whistle blew, it was game on!  She jumped into the game full tilt with her central line and all.  She ended up scoring an amazing goal less than one minute into the game.  One of her U of A coaches was at the game and his comment was "this is something out of the movies".  It was one of the most remarkable things we have ever seen.  One of the spectators at the game filmed the goal and put it up on YouTube.  The link is below.

Lexe warming up with her team 

Lexe's Avalanche family, her "94" team mates.

Moments before the start of the game on Saturday.


  1. I guess I am having an emotional week or something, this is the third time I've cried in two days!! That was amazing Lexe!! You are a rock star! Wish we would have been there to see it.

  2. I have been following you since the beginning and praying for you. This gave me the biggest smile and biggest goosebumps ever. That is so amazing, she is in better shape than me!! WAY TO GO

  3. Way to go Lexe! You are a rock star!

  4. Lexe, you are so amazing! Your indominable spirit warms my heart every time I hear an update from your dad. He showed me this video and it gave me chills. You just keep fighting!

    My son, Collin, just made the Premier U13 soccer team with Impact. Guess which jersey number he chose? Yours!!! He attends St. Vincent Catholic School and says a prayer for you every day -- what a cool kid who thinks you are the COOLEST person ever!

    Jennifer Dickson (at your dad's office)