Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After 17 long challenging days, Lexe was released from the Intensive Care Unit last Sunday.  We are grateful for the wonderfully skilled providers who attended to Lexe during her stay.  Lexe has little recollection of her stay in the ICU which is a good thing.   Lexe was transferred back to the regular cancer unit where she spent Sunday night.  After meeting with her Oncologists on Monday, Lexe was sent home.  It is amazing that she does not need oxygen given the shape her lungs are in.  Lexe is doing her part to fight through this setback.  She is weak and somewhat frail but we are so glad she is home.  Everything Lexe does takes a lot of effort including walking, stairs, eating etc.

Lexe's third round welcome home sign

It has been decided that Lexe will start her 4th and final round of chemo next Monday.  She will have another bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap followed by the start of a six day chemo cycle.  We are all very nervous given the events of the last several weeks.  We are trying really hard to get Lexe to eat and have till Monday to get some of her weight back.  Lexe will be followed by the Pulmonary team over the remainder of her treatment.  They want to baseline her pulmonary abilities once she is strong enough to take the Pulmonary Function Test.  Lexe will need to perform regular lung exercises for the foreseeable future.  In order to minimize complications during round four, we have decided, in conjunction with Lexe's physicians, to limit Lexe's exposure to visitors.  This was a difficult yet necessary decision.  We encourage all of Lexe's support group to continue to stay in touch with Lexe via texting, Facebook, Skype, phone calls, emails, or blog messaging.  This ordeal will soon be over and at some point normalcy will return!  Please keep your relationship with Lexe active!

Lisa Oyen, U of A soccer coach, forwarded to us a great picture last week.  The team is wearing a special warm up top this year in honor of Lexe.  Every warm up jersey will be number 13, Lexe's number.  The girls have all reached out to Lexe via texts, Facebook or letters.  Even though we have never had the privilege of meeting many of these young ladies, they hold a special place in our hearts.  Thank you girls!!  The attached link tells the story:


Lexe's future U of A teammates honoring her by wearing number 13 on their warmups.

Lexe's friend Ellee Duke the performer who wrote "I Came To Win --Lexe's Song", has now hosted the song on iTunes.  Ellee will soon release her first album which I believe includes "I Came To Win".  All proceeds from purchasing the single off of iTunes will go to Lexe.  We feel, as does Ellee and her family, that the song was heavenly inspired.  Ellee wrote the song April 22nd just days after Lexe's diagnosis.  Little did we know then just how true the lyrics of her song would come to be.  Thank you again Ellee for such a beautiful inspired song. Please support both Ellee and Lexe and download this great song.  The song will compliment any playlist. The attached youtube link is Ellee introducing her song:

Wish Lexe luck as she begins her fight with the FINAL ROUND!!


  1. I am so happy to hear that Lexe gets a few days at home! She is a fighter and came through against all odds. I love the photo of her U of A team--that's got to be a special group of girls. Lexe and your family will constantly be in our prayers as she prepares for and enters her final round of chemo. Hang in there!

  2. The 4th round will be much less difficult and Lexe will come through great - we just know it! Mending and growing back her strength is just around the corner. She has come so far in this battle! So glad she doesn't remember much of that ICU experience... Love the story about Lexe's team, and excited about her song being released. We will download and share! Thinking of you all and sending strength and healing your way every day! Beth and girls

  3. We are so glad to hear that Lexe is home and that she is getting better. I love the pic of her teammates supporting her. We will continue to pray for her and your family as she starts her FINAL(!!) round of chemo. I am so glad this nightmare is almost over for you guys. :)

  4. Lexe,
    What support from your team. It touches my heart. I am so glad round 3 is behind you. Let us all pray for round 4 to be a lot better. I am so happy you get to be home with your family for a bit. Keep looking ahead that this will soon be done for you and you can get out there with your team and kick some butts. We will continue to pray for you and your family.

    Love, Marilyn Bodily

  5. Go Lexe ! ! ! ! The team at U of Arizona, with their number " 13 " warmup shirts, solidly impacted me. What an inspiration Lexe contues to be to so many. What a gifted, spirited, fighter, example to us all. God Bless You Lexe ! ! ! ! So many want nothing but complete success and a return to normalcy for you. Our prayers and fast continue in your name. KICK IT ! ! ! THe Murphys

  6. Hey Lexe...I'm not sure I'm supposed to comment on this blog...but I'm in Boston for a two week sports med rotation, so I'm not at Primary's for the start of round 4. After you left the PICU I came to say hi, but you were asleep. I came to say hi the next day, and you were discharged. What?!?!? You are stronger than anyone I know...seriously. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you luck with the last round. You can do it! Be strong! Like I need to tell you that. Anyway, just know that I'm praying for you in Boston. If you feel up to it, send me an email...you can get my address from Jen or Mariposa or Anna. Take care!