Monday, August 13, 2012

We feel we may have reached a point of stability.  We think we are safe in saying that but are never really sure so this post is written with crossed fingers.  Lexe's lungs are still very sick but today we were able to see more of her ribs, her diaphragm and a better view of her heart on the chest x-ray.  The bottom half of both lungs are still cloudy.  All of her IVs have been removed and medications are being administered through her central line.  The plan is to start stepping down her pain medication to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Now that Lexe has developed some of her own immunities she has been moved into a new room in the Intensive Care Unit.  She has windows which allow her to start adjusting to day and night cycles.  The room is also in a low traffic area of the ICU helping her  develop a normal sleep cycle.  She continues to be on the vent.  The plan is to work towards having the vent taken off near the end of the week if her lungs cooperate.  Lexe is very weak and it is a struggle to even raise her arms.  They sat her up today for the first time and she was able to tolerate it for about 15 minutes.  Lexe's body has really been taxed during the last 11 days and recovery is going to take time.  We are so grateful for the wonderful staff of caregivers in the PICU, they saved her life.

Lexe still needs to complete the last round of her chemotherapy to treat her leukemia.  It's hard for us to even image the thought.  I guess we can worry about that after we get her out of the ICU and stronger.

Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes that our family has received during this very trying ordeal.


  1. This is very positive news - Lexe is such a fighter and has such a strong support system. I continue to think of her and her family every day and send prayers and strength your way.

  2. We are friends of the Flamms and have been following Lexe's progress. Our son Tyler, age 17, is in treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma and has a few months left. When he was 11 years old he spent two weeks in the PICU in crjitical condition with a staph infection that went septic. We feel that we are there with you and know what you are going through - the ups and downs, watching the monitors, the sleepless nights and constant worry. Tyler pulled through it and so will Lexe - we have been praying for her to be strong. Hopefully they can meet sometime - she sounds like a wonderful girl! Brent and Shannon Robinson

  3. You're in our thoughts and prayers daily. Lexe is a "battler" and "selfless" young woman. Keep it up
    Lexe, we all want your success. You're a great example to us all. Love, The Murphy's

  4. We are so glad to hear Lexe is more stable. You are always in our prayers--Lexe will pull through this!

  5. Hi Cutie,

    Keep fighting Lexe! You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly and we know you can do this! We were on vacation when your latest problems started but we were so grateful to get the news of the fast in your behalf.

    Laurie and Mark, you are in our prayers too! Hang in there!

    Love you Lexe,

    Gerrí and Kevin Taylor

  6. Thank you for updating. Praying continually.

  7. I can't even imagine what you must be going through. It makes me cry just to think about it. We just returned from Canada and we put Lexe's name on the Cardston Temple prayer roll. You know Canadian Saints have a lot of faith! We continue to pray for you. Please let us know how we can support you in this trying time.
    Dereck & Adrienne Jacobs

  8. The next round of chemo could actually go very smoothly. The mysteries of the disease and treatments. It will be my hope that it is and all this is behind you and just a horrid memory. God bless all of you

  9. So happy to hear that Lexe's doing better!! We are sending all our love her way, and thinking that the worst is behind!! She's getting to the place where all this difficulty will be behind! Love to you all, Beth and girls

  10. My son Michael is a senior at Alta this year. He has played soccer there since his freshman year. Megan M. gave us orange wristbands & my youngest daughter (who also plays soccer) wears an orange band with the #13 written on it around her leg. We have been keeping up with your plight through mutual friends and now, this blog. We continue to send thoughts & prayers to you all.

    May God bless you all!

    Michelle Porter

  11. I am so happy to hear that things have improved. We will continue to pray that she gets stronger and stronger and will have the strength to get through the next round.

    Kristin Torres

  12. I am glad she is starting to stabilize. Rich and I are praying for her every day.
    -Heather and Rich Sedwick

  13. Lexe,
    There seems to be road blocks we have to get around. You are so strong and one who has the will to fight this. I know you can get through anything. You have the faith, family and friends who is right there with you. But most of all Our Savior Jesus Christ. We will keep praying for you.

    Love, Marilyn Bodily

  14. I am so thankful that Lexe is doing better. I was in her Physical therapy class and have been worried for her ever since she developed leukemia. My prayers are with Lexe and with her family that she gets better quickly. I am impatiently waiting for the full recovery of a friend, great soccer player and over all wonderful person. Once again my prayers will be with her and her family. Stay strong Lexe, stay strong.