Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 5 of 10-- Chemo SUCKS!!!  Lexe is still staying really strong.  She is starting to feel real fatigued from the treatments.  She has nicknamed one of the chemo drugs "the red devil" because of its effects on her.  The chemo is doing its job, all of her blood levels are down.  The chemo is killing the leukemia cells along with healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets etc.  It looks like tomorrow they are probably going to give her a platelet transfusion.  According to todays lab results her ANC score, a measure of the bodies ability to fight infections is .40.  It will be zero in the next day or so.

Today Lexe's University of Arizona coach, Lisa Oyen, came to visit her.  The U of A is unreal.  They are standing behind her 100% and will honor her scholarship at any time.  We made a game plan to come in next year as the class of 2013.  Lisa also said that in the unlikely event that Lexe is unable to play soccer, she still has a scholarship waiting for her.  What a classy institution!!  U of A has a great medical school and her current doctor knows all the folks in the pediatric cancer unit at the U of A.  Lexe will get great follow up when she attends next year.

The Alta Baseball team played today and dedicated their game to Lexe.  Each player wore an orange arm band with "#13" and "Lexe" written on each band.  Every time the team cheered, they yelled "Lexe!"  The baseball team played their arch-rival, Jordan High School, and beat them in the bottom of the 7th inning 7-6 with a walk-off home run.

The Alta Baseball team dedicated their game today to Lexe.
Each player wore orange and #13 in her honor.

Cole Myers, Chris Jorgensen, and Colton Nash.
Stay strong Lexe!  This one is for you!


  1. Looks like you have lots of support and love from people around you. Know that my family and I are thinking of you every day! We think you're awesome and brave and beautiful. Kick some leukemia butt girlie!

    1. Lexe - just wanted to add to what Megan said... the girls and I are all sending ALL our love and wishes for the fastest recovery EVER for you! You are so strong - we know that this will all be behind you very soon!!
      xoxoxo, Beth, Megan, Jessie, Julie, Paige and Olivia

  2. Lexe-We are so sorry about what you are going through, but we know that you can do hard things with the Lord and your amazing family, friends, and ward by your side. You are an amazing girl and we know you can fight this. Love, Your Neighbors the Jacobs

  3. I don't know Lexe. But I do know the Mechams!! I saw her post the blog. I am sending prayers your way. I spent a fair amount of time at the cancer unit at PMC with a very dear friend of mine. You are in the best hands Lexe. STAY STRONG AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!!

  4. How touching! You are in our prayers.
    Faith Burk