Monday, April 23, 2012

 All of Lexe's friends wearing orange to support her!
Lexe was able to go outside today!!


  1. Lexe, you look beautiful!! Love that smile--it spreads sunshine! Lillywhites love you and are praying for you!!

  2. Lexe,

    I loved meeting you Friday and want you to know that I was so impressed with your strength and courage to meet this challenge head on. I am so sorry that you have to fight this beast, I know from watching my Brinley fight it how very difficult and unfair it is, but just close your eyes, dive in and keep your head above water. You've got this Lexe. You are going to kick cancer's butt, I know it.



  3. I have seriously been inspired by how much support you have. I hope you know you have hundreds of thousands of people praying for you, Lexe! God is watching out for you and WITH YOU! I pray that you will be comforted through this time and fight with all you have.

    ♥ xoxo.

    Amanda Schroeder

  4. This is Jacqui Rimando's sister and I am thinking of you. Stay strong!

    ~Skylar Meinhardt