Saturday, April 21, 2012

         Lexe's team came by today. They played a game with Lexe's number (13) on their wrists.

                Lexe and her team face-timed their old team mate Vicki!


  1. Let this be the first comment on the great one's blog. Lexinator, please know that us taylors are 100% behind you! BTW colby is here while I'm writing this (dave) and He says when his girl friend wears cherry flavored lipstick it is definatley his favorite.
    I will blog once again after teaching colby how to shave. PS we send our very, very best wishes to you and your amazing (Including your dad) family!!! Have a great day!! Hugs and kisses the taylor family

  2. Hello Sweet Lexi and family. We just heard about your situation, and are sending you lots of love and "kick butt"! May you know you are surrounded and bathed in love, your family, friends, and people you barely know will be offering their hearts. And we know and believe your toughness- physically, emotionally, mentally tough. You are a winner kid, and while this is not the path you were thinking about, I know you will manage it and emerge triumphant. All our love, The Van Hornes- KC, Shannon, Kayla and Lianna, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

  3. Hey Lexe, it was great seeing you tonight. Me and Christine love the hair cut. BTW I'm making a personal vow never to take colby home from the hospital again!......We had to listen to 30 minutes straight of the pro's and con's of ancient chinese warfare!!!UUGGGHHHHH. sorry colby, I like it much better when you talk about your girlfriends lipstic flavors. Have a great night!!