Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Many people have asked us about what events led up to the diagnosis of AML.  Here goes..... Lexe had been suffering from a cough that just was not getting better.  The cold was about two weeks old.  Over the spring break, Lexe played a soccer tournament in San Diego.  During the course of play, Lexe developed an unusual amount of LARGE bruises on her legs.  She always had bruises from soccer, but these things were massive.  Laurie decided to take Lexe to our family MD to get a script for her cough.  During the course of the appointment, Laurie asked our MD, Ron Lopez, to check out the bruises.  At first, Ron thought nothing of them and explained them away as a byproduct of Lexe's sport.  Dr. Lopez decided to run some blood work on Lexe.  The following day, Dr. Lopez called Laurie and explained that the blood work came back with some very troubling results that pointed to cancer.  He asked Laurie to take Lexe to Primary Children's Hospital right away.  We went to the ER and were directed to the Hematology clinic within the hospital.  Additional blood work was ordered and within a couple of hours, the diagnosis of AML was confirmed.  We are grateful that Laurie pressed for the blood work to be done.  Lexe was admitted to the hospital that day.

Today was a pretty good day.  Chemo continues day three of ten.  Lexe is starting to get real tired and has seemed to have lost her desire to eat.  The biggest problem so far is the headaches.  Lexe was able to leave the cancer unit today and went down to the rehab facility and decided to run about 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill.  She also had a light workout!!!  Her support from family, friends, church members and especially the soccer community continues.  A patch has been ordered, we have posted the picture, that will be worn by several soccer clubs here in the state of Utah.

Lexe's Ward held a special fast and prayer meeting for her last night.  We were humbled and touched by the many ward members who were seated in the chapel when our family walked in.  Mark was asked to say a few words about Lexe's condition.  We were overwhelmed by a sense of peace and comfort.  LEXE, WE'VE GOT THIS ONE!!!!!!!


  1. Strong work on the jog today...since you are such a rockstar maybe you could log a few miles for me too!! The Boulter family wants you to know we are thnking of you and we have a certain little guy that has requested an orange bow tie so that he can show his full support for you. Stay strong and remember...jello is your friend :) Love..Steph

  2. Lexe,
    We want to let you and your family know that the Vitacca family is on team Lexe. We have been admirers of all of your family members for many years. I know from several years ago when helping with the 94's a few times that you are a fighter and that you will win any battle. My little U-10 team (Ikaika Warriors) will be wearing orange pre-wrap and your number on their arms on Saturday and we will send you a picture. Our best to you and your family, if anyone can do it, we know it’s you.
    Rocco, Jennifer, Kara, and Taryn Vitacca

  3. Hey Lexe,
    Just want to send a shout out from the Dibb clan. You are a fighter and will succeed at "kicking" this. I have always been thankful that you were on "our" team and want you to know that we are now on yours! We are praying for you and your family and stand ready for any need that arises. You go girl! We love you.
    Gerald, Raquel, Kylie, Kassidy, Koy, Kennedy & Kooper Dibb

  4. Lexe

    We have watched you play soccer and love life for the past five years and know that no matter what plan the opposition throws at you, you always respond with tenacity and a rocket kick that scores.

    You will win this fight just like you do all the others and will be launching those rocket kicks again. We are praying for you and your family.

    David, Andrea, Austin and Lexie Peterson