Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! We spent a very nice Mother's Days together as a family at Primary Children's Medical Center.  We ordered pizza from Settebello Pizzeria, best pizza in Salt Lake City, and had a great Mother's Day feast.  Lexe continues to do well.  Her counts, particularly her ANC, continue to show 0.  Hopefully in the next few days her bone marrow will start to wake up.

Today Lexe had to move to a different room....major bummer!!   Every few weeks patients in the ICS Unit are required to move to a different room to allow for a deep clean of the room.  I guess this protocol helps with infection control.  Lexe was not very happy, she really liked her room and had it organized just the way she liked it.  Give her a couple of days and she will have her new room styled out.

Lexe continues to go out on her 9:00 PM walks with her buddies Sara and Hunter.  Sara, age 12,  is coming to the end of a tough AML battle and should be set to go home to Montana in a few weeks.  Hunter, age 9, recently relapsed after a long AML hospital stay and is now preparing for a bone marrow transplant.   These kids are brave, tough, happy people.    Several nights ago Lexe left the hospital and went for a short jog, alone, in the area around the hospital.  We are still deciding whether or not that was a good idea.

Lexe's spirits are good, we as a family are doing well.....we feel blessed!

Lexe and Sara
Lexe, Hunter, and Sara going for a stroll

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