Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Round one of chemo OVER!!  This morning Lexe finished her last dose of chemo.  Three more rounds to go.  Lexe will now spend 21-28 days in the hospital rebuilding her blood counts.  Her spirits are high and we are all encouraged by her determination.  Once Lexe's counts are recovered, we hope she can come home for a week or so before round two begins.

We can't say enough about the nurses at Primary Children's Hospital.  They are talented, kind, caring people.

We hope to get all the media attention behind us and focus on getting Lexe well.  As Lexe has said "she isn't the only one out there with leukemia".  We are not even aware of some of the stuff being run.

Lexe's grandpa made us aware of the Salt Lake Tribune article tonight.


Thanks again for all your support!

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