Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some good news...  One of Lexe's physicians, Dr. Wright, told us that Lexe has registered an ANC count.  Even though the count is low, it does show some small signs of cell production.  We will continue to monitor her labs and hope for great things to come in the next few days.  We have been told that her ANC count needs to show an improving trend before Lexe can leave the hospital.  Lexe's birthday is the 25th of May and we are all hoping that she can be home for her birthday.

Last nigh Lexe had a minor setback.  She developed a fever that spiked up during the night.  She was aggressively treated with antibiotics and the fever seems to be under control.  Unfortunately, fevers have an adverse effect on ANC count.

Over the next few days we will try to keep Lexe fever free, kick back and grow some cells.  If all goes well hopefully Lexe can come home for a week or so and officially conclude "round one".


  1. Hey Lex - I hope you make it home for your birthday. Keep producing those cells! Thinking of you and sending strength and prayers.

    -- Karen Chin

  2. Doing the white cell dance for you Lexe - we've done that dance many times at our house!! Hope you can get that marrow kick started and doing it's job again! XOXO

    Kristin Torres

  3. You and your family are in our prayers! I hope you will be home for your birthday!
    Faith Burk