Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lexe has really enjoyed her last two days at home!!  She has spent her time sleeping in a comfortable bed, eating home cooking, shopping with Laurie, driving again, and attending a soccer game with teammates.  It feels good to have the family together every evening.  Lexe is still taking five different medications, including an antibiotic injected into her line three times per day.  Laurie is in charge of administering all meds and is doing a great job.  Two time per week we have a home health care nurse come to the house to draw blood so that all of Lexe's counts can be monitored.  Today the ANC count was 100 which is still very low.  We need to continue to be cautious.

Garage sign that greeted Lexe at home

Last night Lexe joined her Avalanche "94" teammates at a soccer game in Utah County.  Lexe was one popular girl.  She had to wear her mask but that didn't seem to bother her at all.  She was greeted by teammates, college coaches, and a host of others.  Despite the cold night, it was great to see her enjoying a soccer game.
Lexe surrounded by her teammates
Tomorrow Lexe turns 18! She is planning on having a few friends over for a BBQ.  Probably not the bash Lexe had in mind but I'm sure she will make the best of things.  Once Lexe turns 18, she will be responsible for signing all of her medical documents.

Many people have asked us how the rest of our children are doing.  Mackenzie, our oldest, continues to go to school at BYU Idaho.  Mackenzie wanted to leave school and come home after Lexe was diagnosed but we really wanted her to stay in school.  Last week she was accepted into the nursing program which strengthened her resolve to continue her studies. She wants to be closer to Lexe during this tough time and travels down to SLC every few weeks to spend the weekends.  Mackenzie spent several nights with Lexe while she was in the hospital.  We have encouraged Mackenzie to stay in school and study hard.    The twins, Colby and Hadlee, have also done well.  They have not had much parent time but are very mature children and with the help of our friends continue to attend all of their scheduled activities.  They are independent mature children and we are grateful that they have been able to understand this tough situation and adapt.

The folks at Primary Children's Hospital called today and they have schedule Lexe for an echocardiogram and a bone marrow biopsy to take place next Wednesday. This biopsy will  show if any leukemia cells exist in the marrow.  VERY IMPORTANT BIOPSY!!!  They would like to start the 2nd round of chemo June 1st, however,  Lexe's high school graduation is June 5th and we need to decide if Lexe will attended.  If Lexe attends graduation we may delay chemo until after the ceremony.

Thank you again to all those who continue to support our family


  1. Hi Lexe, this is Lindsay Mackintosh, I've cut your dads hair for many years. Our family keeps you in our prayers and we're soo glad you get to be home today for your birthday. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHAY!!! I hope it's a special day for you. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Happy birthday Lexe!! From the '98 black team!

  3. I am so glad you are home and able to enjoy your birthday there instead of at Primary's!! Round one DOWN!!!! That is huge!!

  4. Very nice and I hope all the best for her. My alternative cancer treatment centers likes your post. Thanks a lot for sharing! Have a nice day!

  5. I saw the story last night on KSL and I'm so impressed with Lexe and your family. I just finished treatments for lymphoma and I know a very small part of what she is experiencing. I did chemo every 3 weeks; not twice a day.
    You are such an example to everyone. I have no doubt that with your strong will and desire to win, things will be okay. It will a long fight but I'm sure that you will conquer.
    Can you tell me where to get the song? It is beautiful and made me cry....well, I was already crying just watching!
    Good luck and try to be patient. That is hardest part; the waiting game. But, it is a game and you have a habit of winning those.!

    1. The song is called "I came to win-Lexe's song" it is performed by Ellee Duke and can be found on youtube