Saturday, May 19, 2012

The last few days have been a "cat and mouse" game fighting fevers.  Lexe has been very upbeat over the last several days but has battled a persistent fever.  The mornings are good but as the day progresses her temp gradually rises.  She has been on three different antibiotics including a very powerful drug called Vancomycin.  If the fevers don't resolve by Monday, she will undergo a CT scan of her head, chest, and abdomen.  The purpose of the CT scan is to see if she has developed any areas of infection in her body.

Her counts have dropped again, mostly due to the fevers, but we remain optimistic that they will improve soon.  Lexe has now been in the hospital for one month.  Her goal continues to be discharged before her birthday on the 25th.  Keep your fingers crossed.

We were contacted by the Make-a Wish Foundation this week and they are going to grant Lexe a wish. Lexe is not sure what her wish will be but we will keep everyone posted.  What an awesome organization!!

It has come to our attention that the Utah Avalanche "01" team, and others, held a bake and lemonade sale for Lexe during todays State Cup play.  We are blown away by the many acts of kindness and generosity shown to our family and especially Lexe.  We would like to take this  opportunity to say to the "01" team, and any one else taking part in this, THANK YOU!!  What a thoughtful generous gesture.  The Utah Avalanche club truly is our family.  The following pictures were sent to us today by a "94" parent:

Cupcakes with Lexe's patch made from frosting

State Cup booth

Way cool!



  1. Hey Lexe. I'm one of Hadlee's classmates at school. Just wanted to tell you to hang in there, beat that fever, and get a high ANS count, because I know Colby and Hadlee want you home so badly! Every time someone asks how you are doing, the response includes the want for you to get well and come home. You are in my prayers as well as those of my family. Don't stop fighting!

    Your supporter

  2. Lexe,
    I went to my sisters missionary farewell today and was talking to Eric about you going home for your birthday. I will keep praying for you, that your fever will stay down and that you may get that wish. I hope and pray the count will start to go up and that you will be able to move on. You are so strong and I know you can kick this. Love, Marilyn Bodily

  3. Lexe, you don't know me, but I found your blog through the Alta Soccer Facebook page. I played soccer at Alta several years ago. I'm a Wish Granter for The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and would LOVE to be a part of granting your wish. I watched you play in a few games this last season. You're a rockstar. Truly you are. And now you're being a rockstar off the field as well. You're brave, girl. Hopefully I will meet you soon. Xoxo Lisa