Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We are coming to the end of chemo--round one.  Lexe has had an amazing last couple of days.  Her last chemo will be given wednesday morning.  She is feeling real tired but continues to be upbeat and happy.  IV antibiotics continue because of an infection but is seems to be under control.  Yesterday her physical therapist came to her room and ran her through a workout.  Lexe busted it out!!!

Yesterday we were contacted by Doug Robinson, a writer with the Deseret News, who wanted to come to the hospital to talk with Lexe.  Today he wrote an article in the paper.  We are posting the link to the story on the blog.


Today, Emerson Lotzia, a channel four sports anchor, came by to do a story on Lexe.  It will air tomorrow night at either 5 or 6:00pm on channel 4.  We will have a link to the story posted tomorrow.
hitting the push ups
Keeping the core tight.

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  1. Lexe! I love reading this blog and seeing your amazing progress! You are so strong!!! I admire you and your positive attitude! You are such a great example! You're constantly in our prayers! Keep up the good work!!

    Ali (Swan) Jensen