Monday, May 21, 2012

Tomorrow Lexe is coming home!!  After 32 days in the hospital, round 1 of this 4 round fight concludes.  Today we spent most of the day preparing Lexe to leave the hospital.  She received platelet and red blood cell transfusions to "top off" her levels before heading home.  One of Lexe's physicians is going to take her running tonight to help her determine her safe maximum heart rate.  Lexe needs to stay within a set heart rate, and stick to it,  during her recovery stage.

Staying infection and fever free during her time at home will be our focus.  It looks like hand washing will be the norm around the house for everyone coming and going.  Any temp over 100 could lead to readmission to the hospital. Wish us luck.

We are hoping that our family life can return to some sort of normalcy during the next week or so.  I'm sure Lexe is looking forward to some home cooked meals.

Support from the soccer community continues.  Our local MLS professional soccer team, RealSaltLake,  is providing a fund raising opportunity for Lexe.  I believe the Utah Avalanche Soccer Club was instrumental in putting this together for Lexe.  THANK YOU!!

It looks like you have three great games to choose from.


  1. Lexe - I'm so excited that your counts are up and that you get to go home for a bit - and be there for your birthday when you become "legal" to sign things. :)

    Stay strong and healthy.

    -- Karen Chin

  2. Yay Lexe! So glad you get to sleep in your own bed! And that is awesome that Real Salt Lake is doing that fundraiser for you. Way to go!